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Nick Scott

Part-time instructor

Renaissance College

Maggie Jean Chestnut 201


Since 2009 Nick Scott has been leading public and social innovation, most recently at the Government of New Brunswick in his role as Executive Director of Open Government and Innovation. In this role he established an Innovation Team, a collaborative workspace and a public innovation framework, facilitating initiatives addressing public mobility, literacy, second language acquisition, natural resource development, municipal reform, and child protection.

Previously in his role as Executive Director of the NB Social Policy Research Network, Nick launched the GovMaker Conference to explore the theory and practice of public innovation and open government, co-founded NouLAB; a public and social innovation lab facilitating collaborative problem-solving across sectors, and co-chaired the 2016 Canadian Open Data Summit.

Nick is a part-time lecturer at St Thomas and UNB: Sociology for Cyborgs, Intro to Science and Technology Studies, and Technology and Social Change. Follow Nick on Medium.