Monica Wachowicz

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies


Head Hall E-34

1 506 447 8113

Other titles

CISCO Systems Chair for Big Data


Dr. Monica Wachowicz is full professor in Data Science, and the Cisco Innovation Chair in Big Data and the NSERC/Cisco Industrial Research Chair in Mobility Analytics at the University of New Brunswick, Canada.

She is also the Director of the People in Motion Laboratory, a centre of expertise in the application of Internet of Things (IoT) to smart cities. Her research interests include fog/edge computing, machine learning on graphs, mobility analytics, and IoT applications.

She works at the intersection of (1) Streaming Analytics for analyzing massive IoT data streams in search of understanding human behaviour in real-time; and (2) Cartography for designing maps for a world in which "intelligence" will be embedded in virtually everything around us.

Founding member of the Technical Committee on Big Data (TCBD), IEEE Communications Society and the International Journal of Big Data Intelligence, she has over 250 publications. Her pioneering work in multidisciplinary teams from government, industry and research organizations is fostering the next generation of data scientists for innovation.


  • GGE5405/GGE6505 Introduction to Big Data & Data Science
  • GGE6900 Research Methods