Chris Smith

Assistant Professor


Business, Faculty of

Oland Hall 222

Saint John

Dr. Chris Smith joined the faculty of business at UNB Saint John in 2020. He teaches Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Human Resource Management at the undergraduate level, and Managing Organizations at the MBA Level. From Ottawa, he recently completed his PhD in Management at Carleton University.

Chris’ research currently focuses on the topics of union participation and union renewal, studying the interaction between macro societal-level forces and more micro-level individual and organizational factors, bringing together concepts from Change Management, Organizational Theory, and Organizational Behaviour.

Recent publications

Smith, C., Duxbury, L. (2019) Union attitudes through a generational cohort lens. Journal of Social Psychology, 159 (2), 190-209

Smith, C., Duxbury, L. (2019) It’s not just what you say but how you say it: A case study exploring union-member communications. Industrial Relations Journal.

Smith, C., Halinski, M., Duxbury, L. (2019) It’s not just about paying your dues: Measuring active and passive union participation. Human Resource Management Journal, 29(3), 371-394

Smith, C., Halinski, M., Gover, L., Duxbury, L. (2019) Generation and work-values in the public service. Canadian Journal of Administrative Studies, 36 (2), 177-192

Stone, C., Smith, C., Rod, M. (2016) The impact of team tenure and relational embeddedness on performance: An analysis of social capital in the National Basketball Association. International Journal of Sport Management.