Greg Fleet

Associate Dean


Business, Faculty of

Oland Hall 244

Saint John
1 506 648 5740

Other titles

Associate Professor

Gregory Fleet joined the Faculty of Business Administration in 2000 and is a member of the eCommerce area.

Dr. Fleet teaches a variety of undergraduate courses in eCommerce (at introductory and senior levels), as well as Business Research Methods, a required course for all business students. Fleet also teaches the Business Research Methods and Competitive Technical Intelligence courses at the MBA level.

Dr. Fleet is also an Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Student Relations. This involves developing and delivering the various undergraduate programs, and supporting the development and growth of the Faculty’s Co-op program.

Prior to joining the University of New Brunswick, he worked for over 14 years at Bell Northern Research (Nortel) in Ottawa as Senior User Experience Engineer within Design Interpretive. Dr. Fleet brings this practical, applied background into the classroom through group assignments and lessons, often working with local businesses to create real-world “laboratory” projects such as the impact assessment of Saint John’s freespots wireless Internet initiative, or how to use web 2.0 for your business.

With a B.A. in Music and a Ph.D. in Psychology, Dr. Fleet draws upon these backgrounds (in music, psychology, and his work experience in product and user experience design) to bring a broad perspective to both the classroom and the course material he teaches. One of his areas of keen interest (and research) is the ever-changing landscape of Internet technologies.

Students experience demonstrations in the classroom and are challenged to incorporate these new technologies into their learning projects and assignments (e.g., by creating a blog-based learning journal, or using Google Docs for reports). Other areas of interest include visual and design thinking; creativity, innovation and leadership; the user experience of mobile devices; and health services, to name a few.

Dr. Fleet has presented a numerous conferences over the past few years and is currently pursuing a variety of publication venues for this work including traditional academic journals, both online and paper, as well as a range of online media from micro-blogging services such as Twitter, to blogs, wikis, Google Wave with both public and private access.

Recent research

Doiron, D. and Fleet, G. (2016) The Evolving Value Proposition: The Relationship between the Value Proposition and the Three Dimensions of Pivoting in ICT Start-up Companies: An Empirical Study, Paper presented at Institute for 39th Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference, Paris, France.

Doiron, D. & Fleet, G. (2012) Impact in ICT Adoption from Internet Marketing-based Student Internships: a study demonstrating how Internet-marketing-focused student internships facilitated successful ICT adoption among Canadian SMEs over a three-year period. Paper presented at 35th Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference, Dublin, Ireland.