Keith Brunt

Adjunct Professor


Business, Faculty of

Saint John

Keith Brunt is originally from Saskatchewan, where he attended the University of Saskatchewan and completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Physiology. He subsequently completed his PhD in Pharmacology with Dr. Luis G. Melo & Dr. Colin D. Funk at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario.

Dr. Brunt completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Toronto General Hospital, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery & The McEwan Centre for Regenerative Medicine with Dr Ren-Ke Li. He is currently an Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine at Dalhousie Medicine at UNB Saint John in New Brunswick, and Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Business.

Dr. Brunt has authored or co-authored 17 papers over the past ten years and holds two patents. He is Chief Science Officer at NB-BioMatrix Inc., sits on the Venture Development Board for Health and Life Sciences New Brunswick Inc., is the Director of Community Engagement and Innovation Development for DalMed NB, and serves as Translational Scientist with the Horizon Health Network.


2015 BreakThru Challenge (Runner-Up) - 225,000 (Canadian dollar), New Brunswick Innovation Foundation Ventur Capital Fund.

2014/10 - 2015/9 The BioInnovation Challenge - 45,000 (Canadian dollar), BioNova – The Nova Scotia Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industry Association

2011 American College of Cardiology Young Investigators Award - 2,500 (United States dollar) American College of Cardiology

Selected publications

Allwood MA*, Edgett B*, Huber JS*, Eadie AL*, Romanova N, Millar PJ, Brunt KR, Simpson JA. (2017, TBA). “Moderate and severe hypoxia have divergent pressor effects following normoxic recovery,” Journal of Physiology.

Gawdat K, Legere S, Wong C, Myers T, Marshall JS, Hassan A, Brunt KR, Kienesberger PC, Pulinilkunnil T, Legare JF.(2017). “Changes in circulating monocyte subsets (CD16 Expression) and neutrophil- tolymphocyte ration observed in patients undergoing cardiac surgery,” Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 15: 4-12.

Huber JS*, Eadie AL*, Ruggerio S, Romanova N, Blois SL, Brunt KR, Simpson JA.(2017, TBA). “Splenectomyinduced diastolic dysfunction with normal ejection fraction,” Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.