Yves Bourgeois

Adjunct Professor


Business, Faculty of

Saint John

Dr. Bourgeois holds a PhD in Urban Planning (Regional and International Development) from UCLA. He is also a Rhodes Scholar, earning an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, as well as an MSc in Science and Technology Studies (Innovation Economics) from the University of Edinburgh, and a BA in Politics and Economics from Université de Moncton.

Dr. Bourgeois is Dean of Université de Moncton’s Shippagan campus. From 2012 – 2016, he was Director of UNB's Urban and Community Studies Institute and Assistant Professor of Economics in the Faculty of Business at UNB Saint John, where he taught urban economics and regional economics. He serves as a consultant to local, provincial, national and international organizations in building economic development strategies to leverage opportunities from technological change and to transition to greater value-added and greener activities. He has also worked for Microsoft Australia and for the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa.

Dr. Bourgeois’ academic research focuses on understanding the nature and reach of agglomeration economies, particularly in relation to innovation and skills. He is currently involved in research on:

  • Smart and sustainable cities, including smart planning and intelligent mobility services;
  • Value and job creation in regions transitioning to the digital and green economy;
  • Growing start-ups in digital sectors; and
  • Digital skills and labour market integration.

Dr. Bourgeois funds undergraduate and graduate research assistants on various projects, including a:

  • 5-year (2014-19) SSHRC partnership grant to study the competitiveness of Canada’s ICT industry;
  • 3-year (2014-17) SSHRC partnership development grant to benchmark enabling and portable digital skills and understand their link to economic outcomes, such as employability and productivity.

Other recent research projects focus on renewable energy and economic development, big data and the geography of ideas, and the impacts of private vehicle use on transportation and infrastructure siting decisions.

Dr. Bourgeois has published two monographs and more than 20 scientific chapters, journal articles and research reports on innovation, the knowledge economy and cultural identity politics. 

Recent publications

Bourgeois, Y. (2016). “Volcanoes and Pyramids: the role of knowledge and creativity in shaping Greater Moncton’s economic performance” in David Wolfe (ed.), Growing Urban Economies: Innovation, Creativity and Governance in Canada’s city-regions. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Bourgeois, Y. (2014). “How ICTs and face-to-face interactions mediate knowledge flows in Moncton” in David Wolfe (ed.), Innovating in Urban Economics: Economic Transformation in Canadian City-Regions. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Bourgeois, Y. (2014). “The bumpy road to regional governance and inclusive development in Greater Moncton” in Neil Bradford and Allison Bramwell (eds.), Governing Urban Economics: Innovation and Inclusion in Canadian City Regions. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Bourgeois, Y. (2014). “Small cities and talent accelerators: talent mobility and knowledge flows in Moncton” in Jill Grant (ed.), Seeking Talent for Creative Cities: the Social Dynamics of Innovation. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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