Anil Adisesh

Adjunct Professor

Business, Faculty of

Saint John

Anil Adisesh is an adjunct professor within the Faculty of Business at UNB Saint John. He is also Specialist Physician in Occupational Medicine at the Saint John Regional Hospital, Horizon Healthcare Network.

Dr. Adisesh studied medicine at the University of Liverpool, UK. After completing training in general medicine he qualified in family medicine quickly developing an interest in occupational medicine. He moved to Guy's and St Thomas' hospitals in London (UK) to specialise in occupational medicine. Whilst there he studied for a Masters of Science in Occupational Health Sciences at the University of Manchester, UK. For his Master’s thesis he undertook early research with exhaled Nitric Oxide in occupational asthma and later transferred to the University of Manchester for doctoral studies on the health effects of organic dust exposures. He has been a specialist physician since 1997 and from 2004 worked at the UK national Health and Safety Laboratory.

Dr. Adisesh is Chair of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Working Group on Occupational Health for the Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD 11). As co-Chair to the International Labour Organisation Working Group on diagnostic and exposure criteria guidance on occupational diseases he has been compiling information that will be of use to physicians, legislators and others concerned with occupational health. He is a member of the CSA Bioaerosols and respiratory protection working group. His work at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick includes teaching medical students and training for postgraduate qualified doctors about workplace health and supporting patients in their work.

The broad theme of Dr. Adisesh's research is "Long and healthy working lives" recognising that not only are careers sometimes curtailed through injury and illness but that increasingly we will be working at an older age and we wish to be as healthy as possible throughout our lives. Such work is of relevance to employers, workers and decision makers involved in policy and regulation.


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