Ted McDonald


Political Science

Tilley Hall 219


1 506 452 6199

Other titles

Director NB Institute for Research, Data and Training
NB Lead Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit (MSSU)


  • Academic Director NB-RDC - continuing
  • Executive Committee Member CRDCN
  • Chair of the CRDCN Academic Council
  • Executive Committee Member Health Data Research Network Canada


  • 2020-2022 University Research Scholar, University of New Brunswick
  • 2019 Mike McCracken Award for Economics Statistics, Canadian Economics Association (shared with Jane Badets and Sylvie Michaud)
  • 2016 Research Merit Award, University of New Brunswick
  • 2012-2014 University Research Scholar, University of New Brunswick
  • 2011 Research Merit Award, University of New Brunswick

Graduate supervision

  • PhD-Interdisciplinary Studies – Miriam Breau, UNB, 2015-2020 Topic: nursing resources and patient outcomes
  • PhD-Interdisciplinary Studies – Brigitte Sonier-Ferguson, UNB, 2019-2024 Topic: learning health systems
  • DalMed Research in Medicine – Smriti Singh, DalMed NB, 2017-2018 Topic: Occupation and the Incidence of Prostate and Pancreatic Cancer
  • MA-Economics – Brent Cruickshank, UNB, 2016-2018 Topic: immigrant health – analysis using administrative data. Passed May 2018
  • MA-Economics - Dmitry Shcherbakov, UNB, 2016-2017 Topic: decomposing the gender wage gap. Passed October 2017
  • MA-Economics – Haorui Wang, UNB, 2014-15 Topic: education health gradient of recent immigrants to Canada. Passed January 2016
  • MA-Economics – Wenjing Bo, UNB. 2014-15 Topic: the incidence and earnings of self employed Chinese residents of Canada. Passed September 2015
  • MA-Economics - Adio, Olalekan Idris, University of New Brunswick, 2013-14 Topic: Evaluating the effects of drunk driving laws. Passed November 2015
  • MAHSR – Geoffrey Onoura, UNB, 2014-15 Topic: evaluating the effectiveness of public smoking bans in Canada. Passed June 2015
  • Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies – Bronwyn Davies, University of New Brunswick (co-supervisor), 2012. Topic: Reforming Healthcare
  • Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies – Justine Gibbings (UNB – co-supervisor), 2012-14. Topic: Canadian Mothers’ Work Experience and Cognitive and Behavioral outcomes of their preschool children
  • Ph.D. Economics – Maoqiong Lin (Carleton University – co-supervisor), 2012 Topic: Savings and investment behavior of immigrants to Canada
  • MA-Econ Supervisor – Chris Connell, University of New Brunswick, 2012 Topic: Geography and the incidence of head and neck cancer. Passed November 2012
  • MA-Econ Supervisor – Guo Liang, University of New Brunswick, 2012 Topic: Skill and occupation mismatch of recent immigrants – evidence from the LSIC. Passed August 2012
  • MA-Econ Supervisor – Dengwan Liao, University of New Brunswick, 2012 Topic: Public Policy and the Internal Migration Decisions of Engineers in Canada Passed January 2012

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