Christa Canitz

Professor (Retired)




Christa Canitz specializes in Middle English and Middle Scots poetry (especially the reception of the Classics in medieval English and Scots literature), with a sideline in 20th/21st-century medievalism, i.e., the representation of the Middle Ages in post-medieval periods including contemporary culture. From 2005 to 2020, she was the editor of Florilegium, the international, peer-reviewed journal of medieval studies published by the Canadian Society of Medievalists/Société canadienne des médiévistes.

She has also co-edited an interdisciplinary collection of medieval and medievalist papers entitled From Arabye to Engelond (1999) as well as several special issues of Florilegium and has written articles and book chapters on subjects as diverse as Beowulf, Chaucer, the poetry of the Middle Scots "makars," the short stories of Alice Munro, and medievalist films. She is a recipient of the Faculty of Arts Award for Excellence in Teaching, of a UNB Merit Award, and of the President’s Distinguished Service Award as well as several SSHRC grants. She retired in 2022.