African University of Guidance Counselling and Youth Development

African University of Guidance Counselling and Youth Development


The African University of Guidance Counselling and Youth Development started as the Guidance, Counseling and Youth Development Centre for Africa, an inter-governmental non-profit organization established in 1994.  The University seeks to develop and institutionalize guidance, counseling and youth development services as non-academic support with needs of girls as a special focus. The ultimate aim is to give both girls and boys the information and skills necessary to handle complex social issues that are part of their daily life.

The University has been established with the aim of building capacity among participating countries to address issues affecting girls and boys in Africa including HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, Alcohol and Drug abuse, Outdoor Education/Recreation, Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), Enterprise Education and Youth Leadership among others. Capacity building is mainly done through Training of Trainers approach.

At international level the Universty works closely with UNESCO, UNICEF,WFP,WHO ,UNDP and  UNAIDS as well as the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). At country level the centre works with National Commissions for UNESCO, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth.

Under the supervision of Dr. Kenneth Hamawaka, the GCYDCA hosts 4 UNB SFD Interns a year from 2011-2014 to work in the areas of Youth Development and Health Education.

Internships are available on the following topics

  • Develop curriculum and educational programs for youth and at Risk Girls
  • Promoting physical and mental health in the schools of Malawi

External Funding Available: Yes
Availability: 4
Academic Dates: Not applicable
Course Timetable: Not applicable
Program Type: Internship
Language: English
Available Subjects: education , health sciences , kinesiology and sports sciences , nursing
Travel Information:
Practical Information:

Health Education Intern:

  • Curriculum Development relating to Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation relating to Health
  • Program Support and Delivery
  • Networking in Malawi and Canada

Curriculum Review Intern:

  • Curriculum Development relating to Youth Leadership
  • Youth Education and Mentoring
  • Program Support and Delivery
  • Networking in Malawi and Canada