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Community face masks

Keeping our UNB community safe is a shared responsibility. We will rely on each other to maintain a healthy community by taking simple actions such as physical distancing, wearing face coverings, frequent hand washing, staying home when sick and covering coughs and sneezes.

UNB face mask guidelines

  • Non-medical face masks are required in the presence of others, in common areas and shared spaces.
  • Everyone must maintain a 2-metre physical distance and properly wear a face mask in all indoor public spaces in UNB buildings. This includes hallways, elevators, lobbies, classrooms, washrooms and other common use areas.
  • Face masks must be used while transitioning between classes, offices and travelling through common spaces indoors.

In addition to the many steps and precautions UNB is taking to protect our campuses, physical distancing and wearing a face mask while indoors will help keep our community and each other safe.

Conference rooms and teaching spaces

Classrooms and facilities have been set up to ensure 2-metre physical distancing between individuals when they are seated. Chairs are not to be moved or relocated within the room and individuals are to sit only in the chairs that have been identified or marked.

  • In conference rooms and teaching spaces that accommodate 10 or fewer people, masks may be removed if everyone is stationary and 2-metre physical distancing between individuals is maintained.
  • In classrooms where the new one-metre guideline has been implemented, masks must be kept on at all times, even when seated.
  • In a group of more than 10: Instructors are permitted to remove their mask when teaching in front of the classroom if they are at a physical distance of more than 2 metres from the first row of students. This distance will be clearly indicated in classrooms.

The use of masks will be continuously assessed and reviewed with changes to our approach communicated.

UNB branded face masks

UNB will provide one branded UNB community mask to students required to be on campus this fall. Individuals may choose to wear their own personal mask or a UNB branded mask.

UNB Fredericton

Students with in-person classes will receive one UNB branded mask from their faculty at the beginning of the term. Details where to pick up UNB branded masks from a central location on the UNB campus will be communicated shortly.

UNB Saint John

UNB Saint John will provide one UNB branded community mask to students required to be on campus this fall through one of the following ways:

  • Incoming students: First-year students will receive a mask in their orientation package.
  • In residence: Students living in residences will receive a face mask upon arrival.
  • In-person classes: Students with in-person classes will receive a mask from their faculty at the beginning of the term.

Purchase additional masks for $10

Additional UNB branded face masks are available to purchase for $10 each at the UNB Saint John Campus Security office. Half of the proceeds from the sales of the branded face masks will go towards UNB Saint John student bursaries.