Wendy Wetteland

Jula Hughes

Wendy Wetteland is President/Chief of the New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council. Located in Fredericton, the Council is an off-reserve Aboriginal voice for status and non-status Aboriginal people who reside in the province of New Brunswick. Wendy is especially committed to the recognition of existing Aboriginal and treaty rights as rights for all Aboriginal peoples. She has dedicated herself to the members and the community of NBAPC reflected in her work on myriad of issues affecting off-reserve Aboriginal peoples such as Harry Daniels vs Canada, missing and murdered Aboriginal women, treaty beneficiary entitlements, health policy, housing, childcare, youth, and more. She sits on many boards including the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network. Overall she has more than 25 years' experience working for the rights of off-reserve Aboriginal peoples. Jula Hughes is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of New Brunswick, teaching and researching in criminal law, labour law, judicial ethics and Aboriginal law. Her research focus is in the area of criminal law, particularly the history of the Criminal Code and the application of criminal law to marginalized people, and in judicial ethics. Additionally, much of her research is responsive, community-driven and collaborative. Responding to community legal research needs has informed her research on legal aid and access-to-justice initiatives, on abortion law, on pay equity and most recently, on developing a theory of the duty to consult that would be responsive to off-reserve and non-status aboriginal people. In this latter context, she is the lead researcher on a regional project for the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network on the duty to consult and its application to urban Aboriginal populations.