Robert K. Groves

Robert Groves is Principal of The Aboriginal Affairs Group Inc, (TAAG) an Ottawa-based strategic policy and research firm founded in 1994. Mr. Groves works with Aboriginal, federal, provincial leaders and officials on a wide range of issues relating primarily to governance, social policy, lands and resources. He is also responsible for directing research, including public opinion studies, legislative, policy and socio-economic and trade analysis, and coordinates blitigation agendas, including the instructing of counsel and specialized researchers.

Mr. Groves originally encountered the Aboriginal policy field during his academic career; as coding instructor for the first national survey of public opinion on Aboriginal issues (in 1976) and later (1978) through training negotiators for land claimant organizations. Prior to forming TAAG, he consulted for a variety of organizations while also directing intergovernmental relations and constitutional policy for the Native Council of Canada between September 1984 and March 1994. Prior to that assignment he was a constitutional policy advisor to the Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister at the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (1982-1984), after having participated on the Aboriginal side in the constitutional patriation exercise in 1979-1981. He headed the NCC's officials' delegation during the "Canada Round" of constitutional talks, and subsequently was the senior advisor to the Deputy Minister and liaison to the Minister on governance, specific claims and other legislative initiatives from 2000 to 2003, and appointed a Chief Federal Negotiator in December 200 2003 and thereafter working on a variety of federal legislative and policy initiatives to 2010.

Since 2010 Mr. Groves has worked exclusively for First Nation and Inuit interests, primarily concerning land claims, resource management and governance.