Renée Pelletier

Renée Pelletier is the managing partner at OKT. Renée is of Maliseet ancestry. Her practice includes work on Aboriginal and treaty rights negotiation and litigation and specific claims. She also has litigated judicial review applications and child welfare matters, and appeared before courts on motions, trials and appeals. Renée was recently cited by the Supreme Court of Canada in the high-profile case R. v. Ipeelee, 2012 SCC 13. Renée advises First Nations and Aboriginal organizations on reserve land management and impacts and benefit agreements. Renée has been working with a number of Maliseet communities over the past few years on a variety of files. This work has included advice on resource development, including environmental impact assessments at the provincial and federal level, negotiations with both provincial and federal governments towards a fulsome and robust consultation and accommodation process as well as negotiations with proponents. Her first language is French, and she is fluently bilingual in both French and English. Renée is a member of the Indigenous Bar Association and is called to the bar of Ontario and New Brunswick.