The Canadian Law of Obligations Conference 2019

May 10-11, 2019
Faculty of Law, Ludlow Hall, University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, NB

This year’s theme is Access to Justice in the Law of Obligations. When legal disputes arise, access to justice is beyond the means of most Canadians. The problem is pervasive and intractable but is amenable to a wide range of creative approaches. How should the Canadian law of Obligations evolve in light of the need for greater access to justice? Technology (in the form of online dispute resolution, for example) can help, as can changes to procedural law. Should the substantive law of Obligations be rethought in light of access to justice considerations? For example, should certain torts be simplified solely to make adjudication more efficient? How do existing alternative dispute resolution processes promote or hinder access to justice? Do we teach the law of Obligations in ways that promote or hinder access to justice?

Plan to attend the second Canadian Law of Obligations conference on May 10-11, 2019 at the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law in Fredericton, NB. The conference will bring together established and new scholars and practitioners in areas of Contracts, Torts and Restitution. Its aim is to promote scholarship and collaboration in this area of private law.

Download the conference abstracts.

Papers will be presented in plenary style over a day-and-a-half and will include a keynote address by Angela Swan, one of Canada’s leading experts in contract law, commercial and corporate law. In addition, Shannon Salter, Chair of British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal, will join us to speak about BC’s experience with online dispute resolution.

We hope to see you in Fredericton in May.

This event has been accredited by the Law Society of New Brunswick for 12 CPD hours.