Information for Presenters

Oral presentation guidelines

Each presentation room is equipped with a Microsoft Windows PC (running Windows 7), and the presentations will be displayed using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. For delegates who have created their presentations on a different system (e.g. Apple), we request that you make sure that your presentation displays correctly on a Windows 7 machine. There is no speaker ready room at this year's conference, but any rooms not in use in Tilley Hall can be used to double-check presentations and to verify that their presentation works correctly.

Delegates scheduled to give an oral presentation are required to hand over their PowerPoint file in the room where their presentation is scheduled, and on the day they are to speak, a minimum of 30 minutes before the session is to begin. There will be an assistant in each presentation room available to help with this task. It is the responsibility of each presenter to bring their talk on either a memory key (preferred) or CD/DVD, and to make sure that their talk is uploaded in good time before the start of the session. To ensure the sessions run smoothly and on time, presentations will not be uploaded during sessions, nor will it be possible for personal laptops to be attached to the projecting equipment.

Twenty minutes have been allotted to each paper, comprising 15 minutes for the presentation and five minutes for questions. Please try to stay within these limits. 

Poster Presentations

Posters will be displayed in the Currie Center and adjacent hallways for the duration of the meeting. Poster Sessions are from 4 pm to 6 pm on May 21 and 22, and poster presenters are expected to be at their posters throughout this two-hour period on their allotted day.

Poster index numbers can be looked up at in the technical program (either online or in the printed program & abstract volume) and a map of the individual poster sites will be on display at the Registration Desk at the Currie Center. Each presenter will be provided with a poster board 1.2 metres high by 2.4 metres wide (i.e. conventional landscape size). Poster boards have a 2.5 cm frame, so the available space for each poster is 117.5 cm x 237.5 cm; there is no obligation to fill all of the available space. Velcro dots will be provided for fixing posters to the poster boards.

Students take note! The GAC Jerôme H. Remick Poster Awards valued at Gold – $1000, Silver – $900, Bronze – $800 are awarded for the best posters at the annual GACMAC meeting.