The Raven

Innovative, strategic, and ambitious, you work hard to be successful at all costs. You're a good leader and organizer, but your introversion tends to keep you from leading unless you feel that it's important. You're not really a leader or a follower - you're independent. Tradition and convention don't matter to you, and you're always trying to improve things. Guided by your intuition, you think a few steps ahead, and you probably have a major vision for your future. You work hard to master the skills you find important, probably ignoring your people skills.

These programs may be a good fit for you:

Civil Engineering (Fredericton | Saint John)
Computer Science (Fredericton | Saint John)
Digital Business Design (Saint John)
Education (Fredericton | Saint John)
English (Fredericton | Saint John)
Finance (Fredericton | Saint John)
History (Fredericton | Saint John)
Human Resources Management (Fredericton | Saint John)
Kinesiology (Fredericton)
Leadership Studies (Fredericton)
Political Science (Fredericton | Saint John)
Psychology (Fredericton | Saint John)
Radiography (Saint John)
Respiratory Therapy (Saint John)
Recreation & Sport Studies (Fredericton)