Discover yourself and your future opportunities

As a future student, we want you to know that we have the resources to help you explore your personal and career goals. We can help you plan for an exhilarating and innovative future as you expand your skills, interests, and values and discover future opportunities.

Not sure what to study or what career to pursue?

It's okay (and very common amongst students) to be unsure about your future and how to connect academic goals to a career path or how to connect career goals to an academic plan. Fortunately, Career Connections and our campus experts will help you explore academic programs and potential careers in that field, so you pick the program that’s right for you.

Finding your program

1. Learn about yourself

The first step is to discover what your personality and interests are. Complete this "Find your inner animal" personality quiz below:

2. Choose your "inner animal" from your quiz result and explore which programs may be a good fit for you:

Panda Bear
Meet with a faculty representative during your tour. You also have the option to meet with one of our on-campus career advisors.

Your next steps

Found a program that looks appealing and meets your current academic and career goals?


UNB has a lot to offer in addition to academic programs and career development. Start discovering unique and diverse experiences that can accompany your educational development and career exploration.

Transitioning to university

When you become a current student at UNB, we have the resources to prepare you for success in your studies and career. You can consult with career development experts, your academic advisors, and use a self-directed Career Task Checklist.

Fredericton Campus

Besides meeting with career development experts, Career Development & Employment Centre resources include:

  • Employability Skills & Work Values Workshop
  • Self-Directed Search (SDS) & Workshop
  • Career Information & Planning Workshop
  • Job Search Strategies Workshop
  • Resume & Cover Letter Workshop
  • Interview Skills Workshop
  • Social Media Workshop
  • Career Fairs
  • Work-Study Program

Saint John Campus

Career Counsellors will help you move through the Career Planning Process, which includes:

  • Self-exploration
  • Brainstorming Academic and Career Ideas
  • Researching Possibilities and Options
  • Making Decisions about Programs and Careers
  • Developing a Plan of Action
  • Developing Your Skills, and
  • Finding Satisfying Jobs & Careers