The Panda Bear

You may be introverted, but you're very expressive and free-spirited. You want to live according to your own values and desires, not societal expectations. It's likely that you're a good artist - you appreciate beauty and aesthetics, as well as things with deeper personal meanings. You may have reckless or self-centered tendencies, but it's because of your desire to enjoy life, live by your own principles, and stand out.

These programs may be a good fit for you:

Applied Arts (Fredericton)
Archaeology (Fredericton)
Biology (Fredericton | Saint John)
Computer Science (Fredericton | Saint John)
Drama (Fredericton)
Earth Sciences (Fredericton)
Education (Fredericton | Saint John)
Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering (Fredericton | Saint John)
Kinesiology (Fredericton)
Law (Fredericton)
Nursing (Fredericton | Saint John)
Psychology (Fredericton | Saint John)
Radiography (Saint John)
Respiratory Therapy (Saint John)
Recreation & Sport Studies (Fredericton)