The Lion

You are a natural leader and you strive for order. You prefer making, enforcing, and following the rules. You're good at making objective decisions and telling others what to do. You're traditional and you rely on experience. Even though you're very practical, you do have an imaginative, creative side. You may not be completely in touch with your feelings, but you will find that you have very deep personal values.

These programs may be a good fit for you:

Civil Engineering (Fredericton | Saint John)
Computer Science (Fredericton | Saint John)
Education (Fredericton | Saint John)
Finance (Fredericton | Saint John)
Kinesiology (Fredericton)
Leadership Studies (Fredericton)
Mechanical Engineering (Fredericton | Saint John)
Psychology (Fredericton | Saint John)
Radiography (Saint John)
Respiratory Therapy (Saint John)
Recreation & Sport Studies (Fredericton)
Software Engineering (Fredericton | Saint John)