The Bear

You have a talent for leadership, and you probably think of yourself as the boss. You make your own rules - you don't see the point of sticking to traditional ones. You prefer to lead people in the most efficient way possible, based on hard evidence rather than convention or theory. You're objective, innovative, and driven, and you'll do anything it takes to be successful. Others' feelings are not a factor in your decisions, so you may have a bad habit of stepping over others to do what you think is best.

These programs may be a good fit for you:

Chemical Engineering (Fredericton | Saint John)
Computer Science (Fredericton | Saint John)
Economics (Fredericton | Saint John)
Education (Fredericton | Saint John)
Finance (Fredericton | Saint John)
Information & Communication Studies (Saint John)
Law (Fredericton)
Leadership Studies (Fredericton)
Marketing (Fredericton | Saint John)
Political Science (Fredericton | Saint John)
Psychology (Fredericton | Saint John)
Recreation & Sport Studies (Fredericton)
Software Engineering (Fredericton | Saint John)