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Prove your marketing success

Tracking the results of your marketing initiatives is about more than just showing off. Analytics can help evaluate the best tactics for your future initiatives, make important budget decisions and demonstrate value in your efforts.

The analytics portfolio of the Marketing Office is here to help! Here are some suggestions on getting started and the tools available to you.

Getting started

Interested in doing more to track your results?

Start with your main goal. For example, if you’re promoting an event, then your main goal is likely ticket sales.

From there you can break down the key performance indicators that lead to those ultimate goals. If you’re promoting via email, good indicators include open rates and click through rates of emails. Measure your social media efforts - how responsible are all those Facebook posts for generating registrations? Analyze your web traffic - see how visitors are interacting with your content and what is most meaningful to them.

Tools to help

There are some powerful analytics tools that we can use to help you track results. These include:

  • Google Analytics: Anonymously tracks visitors to your website, providing key insights on how they arrived, what they do when they get there and how engaged they are.
  • Google UTM tracking codes: Integrates with Google Analytics and allows you to track URLs across various platforms and advertising types
  • Social media monitoring software: Managed by the digital & social media manager, these tools can be used to track your social media results.
  • Best practices and a community of learning: As our analytics portfolio grows, watch this space for updates on how we plan to bring together marketers from across campus to share results.
  • Offline analytics: Analytics are about more than just digital. While it can make it more challenging to measure specific tactics, reach out if you want to discuss options.

Want to learn more?

Find out more about the tools listed above as well as strategies and best practices by contacting us at, or fill out a marketing request form.