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Undergraduate Recruitment and Admission Covid-19 FAQs

The University of New Brunswick recognizes that we are all navigating uncertain times during the COVID-19 global pandemic. As a prospective student, we are sure you have some questions. We understand the current situation is causing stress, disruption and uncertainty regarding the next steps, so we wanted to provide you with all the possible support. We are here to answer your questions! 

Special admission requirements for Grade 12 applicants in New Brunswick

Below, you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding UNB and COVID-19:


Yes, you can still apply online here: unb.ca/apply  Applications continue to be accepted for review and assessment, pending program availability. If you have questions about a specific program, please email chooseunb@unb.ca

You can apply online here: unb.ca/apply

You should submit all required documents electronically if possible. Documents can be sent in via mail however due to closures and restrictions on the UNB campuses, mail services are delayed significantly. If you have mailed your documents, delays in processing can be expected.

Transcripts should be emailed directly by the institution if possible and they can be sent, along with other required documents, to the following:

Canadian applicants to UNB Fredericton campus – admissions@unb.ca

Canadian applicants to UNB Saint John campus – unbsjreg@unb.ca

All International applicants applying to either campus – international@unb.ca

We understand that many of you do not have access to your official academic records at this point due to school closings. We are following the situation closely and will work with you to extend our admissions process as much as possible to allow for the completion of your application file. If official documents are not currently accessible, UNB will accept unofficial electronic supporting documentation, such as an image of an intranet transcript record for assessment, pending final official transcripts. Students are again encouraged to email documents to admissions offices. Acceptance decisions will be tentative pending receipt of the official transcript before the start of classes in the term for which you are admitted to.

All final grades for required courses for admission will be used in admission decisions. As we receive more information on final course grading schemes for the 2020 Winter term, we will review the requirements accordingly. Admission requirements for Grade 12 New Brunswick applicants can be found here

Students are encouraged to contact Admissions with any concerns. 

UNB will accept courses with a 'Pass' grade as satisfying requirements for admission purposes. Admission requirements for Grade 12 New Brunswick applicants can be found here

UNB will continue to accept AP courses for admission purposes and assess for academic transfer credit. 

The CollegeBoard is going to administer AP exams online this year. You can take your exams as long as you have access to an electronic device. The CollegeBoard has also provided an option for you to write your responses by hand and submit a photo. CollegeBoard is committed to supporting their students through to exam day with testing date options and free resources. Please visit the CollegeBoard website for more information. 

UNB will continue to accept IB courses for admission purposes and assess for academic transfer credit. 

From ibo.org: IB students will be awarded with a grade for each of their registered subjects using a calculation that takes into account their coursework marks and their predicted grade, as submitted to the IB by their school. The achievement will be based around the students' coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigor, and quality control already built into the programs. At a subject level, students will be awarded a grade on the normal IB 1-7 scaleFor more information: visit the IB website.   

UNB will work with international schools and applicants to accommodate as best we can by accepting the results that are given out by their schools in lieu of official final exam results for countries where exams have been cancelled (e.g. IGCSE, IGCSE, WASSCE, GCE, etc.) The International Admissions Office will also consider how students have done in the previous year in relevant courses. UNB will do our best to support a fair and equitable approach and ensure that the situation of each student is considered. Electronic transcripts/marks are being accepted in lieu of traditional copies of official records at this time. 

UNB is now accepting the online Duolingo English Test to meet our proof of English Language Proficiency. 

If you think that you will not obtain the required study permit by the start of the fall term, contact the Admissions Office to discuss deferring your admission. 

PAEP for Summer term will continue with a virtual delivery format for all interested students. Students who would like to begin their English language studies from home can register for their PAEP course beginning May 4th. Students may take the Duolingo Test of English Language in order to be placed in the proper level. Without an official test result, students will be placed full-time in PAEP 0996 to begin full-time English language studies.  

UNB is open and university operations have shifted to a virtual work environment, including the Recruitment and Admission offices. Please submit all inquiries via email to:


If you are able to submit all required documents electronically you will not experience delays in application processing and should hear back within two weeks. However, due to closures and restrictions on the UNB campuses, mail services are delayed significantly. If you have mailed your documents, you should expect some delays in processing. 

You will receive your letter of acceptance and supplementary information, including website links and next steps, via e-mail to the e-mail address you provided with your application.

You can confirm your offer of admission in one of the following ways:

  • Payments can be made online through your UNB eServices account: eservices.unb.ca  Note that you will need to know your UNB Student ID number and your UNB Login ID (provided in your letter of acceptance).
  • Complete the confirmation form provided in your admissions package or download the PDF form and e-mail to the following:

The deadline to confirm your offer of admission has been extended to June 15th.  This applies to all programs with the exception of Education and Nursing.

As of April 30, our entrance scholarships have been awarded. Scholarship applications will remain live for 2020/21. As scholarship opportunities arise, applicants will be considered and will be notified if there are any changes to their scholarship offer.

Yes. The entrance scholarship application is available online here: unb.ca/scholarships

Yes, once you have been admitted to a program and have activated your IT services, your residence application will be available online in your eServices.

General Future Students

Spring and summer sessions will be delivered by alternative methods only. Students are required to have internet access to complete the courses. Students will not be expected to return to campus to complete any aspect of spring and summer course requirements.

This is an evolving situation that is difficult to predict with any certainty. UNB will continue to follow the direction of New Brunswick Public Health. Updates will be posted as more information becomes available at unb.ca/coronavirus.



UNB is here to support you with all your information needs. Future students and applicants can reach out to us at chooseunb@unb.ca. You may also reach out to a Recruiter directly, you can find the appropriate recruiter here.

Recruiters are always available to answer your questions by email or phone. Facetime offers another opportunity to address your questions by video, face-to-face. Please contact chooseunb@unb.ca to book.

At this time, Campus Tours are postponed indefinitely. We would be more than happy to set up telephone meetings or virtual one on one meetings with our campus tour guide. You may also explore through our Online Campus Tour Photo Gallery at your convenience

Campus tours will resume when the university feels it is safe to do so. We are monitoring the situation and making decisions in with the direction from New Brunswick Public Health