Electronic Commerce

Faculty: Faculty of Business
Degree(s): Bachelor of Applied Management in Electronic Commerce
Campus: Saint John

The University of New Brunswick Saint John's Bachelor of Applied Management Ecommerce (BAMEC) program complements technical and programming skills gained through a college education with university-level studies on how business is conducted in the new economy.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how technical and business issues relate to e-commerce and the information economy, and you will gain a competitive edge over your fellow college graduates in business technology.

In BAMEC you will further your technical knowledge and expertise through courses that explore the application and evolution of Wi-Fi networks, E-learning in corporate settings, E-health networks, and various other virtual learning environments.

Bachelor of Applied Management

The UNB Saint John Bachelor Applied Management (BAM) degree programs offer college graduates the opportunity to continue their education at the university-level from a variety of college partners, and earn an undergraduate degree with only two more years (or four semesters) of study.


To qualify for this program, you must possess a two-year business diploma from a recognized community college, with a focus on technology, and have achieved an overall average of at least 70%.

Additional admission requirements depend upon whether you have completed all necessary foundation courses at your college institution.

Compulsory courses include

  • Mathematics
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Management Information Systems
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing

Graduation requirements

To complete the final two-years (or four semesters) of our BAMEC program students must first complete a two-year E-Business program at an approved partner college, with an average of at least 70%.

To graduate with a BAMEC, you must successfully complete: 13 compulsory courses, 2 E-Commerce electives, 2 business electives, 1 social science elective and 2 non-business options.

Admission Requirements

For admission requirements, select "Applied Management" in our admission requirements tool.