Academic Exchange & Summer School 2019

Take the leap and discover the world

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience that allows you to see the world while working towards your degree.

Our travel programs are attainable for all students, regardless of income or travel experience. And our Student abroad office will support you at all stages of your trip.

How exchanges work

The exchange program lets you study abroad for one or two terms at one of UNB's partner institutions. Even though you’ll be abroad, you’ll remain strongly connected to UNB with support from the Student Abroad office.

Before you start your exchange program you’ll have one-on-one coaching to ensure you’re well-prepared. By the time you’re ready to leave, you’ll have a clear understanding of how your courses will transfer to your degree, where you’ll be living while abroad, the costs associated with your trip, and how to access support while you’re away.

Choose the destination that’s right for you

We have partner universities all across the world, from Europe to Asia to South America and beyond. We offer exchanges in English and non-English speaking countries, in big metropolises and smaller cities.

Explore the destinations available for exchanges.

How Summer School Works

The summer school programs let you study abroad for 3 - 4 weeks in the summer time with our partners. There are many exciting opportunities available to students in all disciplines, such as Medical Program in Paris, white-water leadership program in Switzerland, Dutch language and culture in Amsterdam, windpower engineering with VESTAS/Siemens in Denmark, Global Entrepreneurship in Singapore to mention a few.


Exchange and summer school courses will be pre-approved by your academic advisor as part of your one-on-one coaching before your trip.

Work towards your degree

With the approval of your academic advisor, the courses that you take abroad will count towards your UNB degree and are covered through your UNB tuition. Many of the courses are different from those offered at UNB, so it’s a great opportunity for you to take unique courses that are tailored to your interests.

Courses taught in English

You don’t need to speak multiple languages to go on exchange. Many of the courses offered at our partner universities are in English.

If you decide to go on exchange outside of the UK or Australia, many of our partner universities offer introductory language courses to help you become familiar with the host country's national language.

Afford your trip

Our exchange programs are attainable for all students, regardless of income, and we’ll help you make your study abroad experience as affordable as possible.

As an exchange student, you remain enrolled at UNB and will pay UNB tuition, not the tuition of the host university. If you have UNB scholarships or student loans, these will continue as if you were still studying at UNB.

The cost of your trip will depend largely on the destination because the cost of living varies based on location. The final cost of studying abroad will depend on where you go and how much traveling you do while you’re away.

Our sample budget will give you an idea of the cost of an exchange program for several of our destinations.


Exchange programs are available for most UNB degrees with the exception of nursing and health sciences. Students in either of these programs can participate in our summer programs. 

Exchanges are open to students who have completed 60 credits of their UNB program and have a cGPA of 2.5.

Summer programs are available to UNB students of all disciplines who have completed 15 credit hours before travelling and have a cGPA of 2.5.


The majority of our partners will guarantee housing for you, typically in a residence on campus or in a shared accommodation with other students off-campus.

Next steps

  1. Research destinations
  2. Contact your Student Abroad campus rep
  3. Exhange program application deadline: early bird January 15 2019 & final application deadline April 1 2019
  4. Summer program application deadline: February 15 2019