Co-op and internships at UNB

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Co-operative (co-op) education and internship programs offered by the University of New Brunswick are designed to provide students with invaluable on-the-job experience.

UNB's employment experience programs can give you an opportunity to apply the knowledge you've gained, and the skills you've developed through your university education, to the workplace – many times while getting paid.

Some career development programs provide academic credits towards your degree.

A co-op work term or internship program at UNB gives you an edge in launching your career with real experience to put on your resume.

How it works

Co-op students alternate between academic studies and paid work terms related to their areas of interest.

Some internships are paid while others provide academic credits towards a degree. Others, such as the Renaissance College leadership program, offer a chance to travel and work internationally. 

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Co-op students

Co-op programs allow students to alternate periods of study with work terms, providing you with the opportunity to integrate your academic knowledge with work experience in your related field of study.

Taking part in co-op opens the door for you to:

  • develop skills in cover letter and resume writing
  • gain insight into soft skills employers value
  • build a network of contacts
  • apply skills in professional work environments
  • earn competitive wages to help pay tuition
  • explore career options

How to apply

If you registered in a faculty that offers a co-op program and are looking for an opportunity to learn and be challenged with a rewarding work experience – co-op’s for you!

Check with your faculty’s co-op office to determine the application requirements.

Co-op employers

The main goal of each co-op office is to help create and maintain a positive, rewarding experience for the student and the employer.

We facilitate the growth of partnerships between all the stakeholders, providing on-going support throughout the co-op experience. Our co-op coordinators will work with you and the student to ensure our goal is met.

The University of New Brunswick’s co-op programs strive to connect employers with highly motivated, talented students.

We also offer opportunities for employers to recruit and build their brand on campus through various events and information sessions.

Employers who have participated in our co-op programs say:

  • students are highly motivated and bring new ideas to their companies
  • students are well prepared technically and have strong problem solving and analytical skill sets
  • students’ suitability for long-term employment is easily evaluated

Hiring Process

With UNB’s online recruiting database, ExperienceUNB, you can easily register as a new employer, post jobs and review applications. You will receive all completed applications on the job closing date you select.

If you require students to apply directly on your website, please forward the names of the candidates you have selected for interviews to the appropriate co-op office by email and we will gladly schedule all interviews for you.

This process will save you valuable time and energy, eliminating the sometimes challenging task of coordinating various students’ availability.

Offers can also be made through the co-op office with the expectation of a response within 48 hours. Employers are able to extend offers of employment at any time in the recruitment process for most co-op programs.

Your co-op team will contact you to confirm the student’s decision regarding your offer. To formalize the work term, you can prepare and forward your offer letter by emailing the appropriate co-op office.

Goal setting and learning objectives

To maximize the outcome of the co-op work terms, employers are encouraged to set goals for the students, while allowing the students to develop their own learning objectives for the work term. Regular meetings with the supervisor will help the student to assess the progress being made.

Work term reports

Requirements around work term reports vary by faculty. Discuss with the student to determine their specific requirements.

Employer evaluation of the student

We ask that you complete evaluations of the student’s work term performance. Please plan to discuss these evaluations with the student, as it will help their professional development process. At the beginning of each work term, students are required to complete a Work Term Record (WTR) which includes their supervisors’ contact information. Evaluations will be emailed to the supervisors, then directly uploaded to the students’ WTR.

There are additional requirements for employers of engineering co-op students.


Contact UNB’s co-op teams to learn more.