XI. BBA with a Major in Economics

In addition to complying with the existing curriculum requirements and regulations governing the award of a BBA degree, BBA students wishing to major in Economics must also comply with the following regulations and requirements of the Faculty of Business and the Economics discipline:

a. Students electing to major in Economics should declare the major by the beginning of their third year. The Faculty of Business must approve all courses taken to comply with the major requirement.

b. In order to earn the major in Economics, BBA students must complete the following:

i. earn a minimum grade of C in the following compulsory courses: ECON 2013, ECON 2023, ECON 3013 and ECON 3023; and

ii. successfully complete with a grade of C or better 15 ch of elective Economics courses or approved substitutes from disciplines other than Economics up to a maximum of 6 ch. Many upper-level business courses qualify as approved substitutes; please see the list below.

NOTE: Students may not double count courses required for the general BBA.

Substitutes for Economics Courses:

Degree requirements for certain programs permit some substitution of economics courses for courses from other disciplines, as long as they are not being counted towards any other degree requirement. The following programs permit these substitutions:

Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Economics
Bachelor of Arts Honours in Economics
Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics
Bachelor of Arts Double Major in Economics
Bachelor of Science in Economics
Bachelor of Science Mathematics and Economics Option 

List of Approved Substitutes for Economic Courses

BA 3134     Government and Business
BA 3328     Consumer Behaviour
BA 3425*    Managerial Finance (Note 1)
BA 3623*    Management Science: Deterministic Models (Note 1)
BA 3624      Management Science: Probabilistic Models
BA 4437      Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
BA 4455      Derivatives: Options and Futures
MATH 1013 Introduction to Calculus II [Note: MATH 1013 is a required course for BA (Hons. Econ.)]
MATH 1503 Introduction to Linear Algebra or MATH 2213 Linear Algebra
MATH 2003 Intermediate Mathematics I
MATH 2013 Intermediate Mathematics II
MATH 2203 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 3303 Operations Research I
MATH 3713 Analysis I
MATH 3901 Financial Mathematics I
MATH 3903 Financial Mathematics II
PHIL 3153    Business Ethics
PHIL 3242    Philosophy of Human Science
POLS 3601   Contemporary Issues in World Politics
POLS 3685   Politics of Food
STAT 3793   Probability and Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 4203   Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis
STAT 4243   Statistical Computing
STAT 4703   Regression Analysis 
STAT 4793   Probability and Mathematical Statistics II

*NOTE 1 BBA students please note: Courses required for the BBA degree, or those similar to courses required for the degree (marked with an *) cannot be used as substitutes here. Arts or Science students may claim them, however. A student taking a double major cannot count a course towards both majors. 

Students should consult the Economics Area Group coordinator at business@unb.ca about any other courses that they think could be considered as substitutes that have been omitted from this list.