STAT3093Probability and Mathematical Statistics II (A)3 ch (3C)

The second half of a two part sequence covering various topics in probability and statistics. This course provides and introduction to essential techniques of statistical inferance. Samples and statistics versus populations and parameters. Distributions of functions of random variables. Sampling from the normal distribution. The t and F distributions. Point estimation by the method of of moments and maximum liklihood estimation. Methods of evaluating point estimators. Finding and evaluating hypothesis tests and confidence intervals. Brief introduction to method of moments and maximum liklihood. Tests and intervals for means, variances, and proportions (one and two sample). Regression models. Examples drawn from engineering, science, computer science, and business.

Prerequisites: STAT 3083 and one of STAT 2793, BA 2606, PSYC 3913, STAT 2593; or permission of the instructor.