Mathematics Major

  1. A student in the BA degree who wishes to major in Mathematics must complete a minimum of 16 term-courses in Mathematics or approved substitutes as follows:
    a. MATH 1003, MATH 1013, MATH 1503, MATH 2513, MATH 2523, MATH 2203
    b. MATH 3213, MATH 3713, MATH 3733, STAT 3793, STAT 4793
    c. At least five upper level mathematics term-courses. At most two (6 ch) upper level courses from other disciplines with sufficient mathematical content can be approved for credit by the Chair of the Department as part of these 15 ch. One (3 ch) upper level STAT course may be counted as part of these two term courses (6 ch).
  2. In addition, at least one-term course in Computer Science is required.


(i) STAT 1793 and STAT 2793 are recommended prior to taking STAT 3793 and STAT 4793.
(ii) MATH 2633 and 3633 cannot be taken for credit in the Mathematics major except for students registered in concurrent BEd programs. MATH 1853 (Mathematics for Business I) cannot be taken for credit for this program.
(iii) It is recommended that MATH 2203 is taken in the first or second year.

Minor in Mathematics

A student who intends to pursue a Minor in Mathematics is required to take 8 term-courses in Mathematics. Credit must be obtained for MATH 1003, MATH 1013 and either MATH 1503 or MATH 2213. The remaining 5 term-courses of the Minor must consist of Mathematics courses at the second year level, or above. A maximum of 2 term-courses of Statistics courses, at any level, may count towards the 5 term-courses.