BIOL2135Introductory Botany for Non-Biologists3 ch (3C 3T)

Introduces botanical principles and processes. Includes basic anatomy and morphology on a range of scales: cellular structure and processes, tissues, organs and their functions. Students are required to attend weekly laboratory/tutorial sessions, but will not write laboratory exam or assignments. This course is not equivalent to BIOL 2125 for credit toward a BSc, but serves as an acceptable prerequisite for BIOL 3275, BIOL 3353, BIOL 3355 or BIOL 3541 in place of BIOL 2125. Credit will not be granted for both BIOL 2125 and BIOL 2135

Prerequisites: BIOL 1205 or BIOL 1551 with grade of B or higher, or Grade 12 Biology with 80% or higher and permission of the instructor.