VI. Application To Graduate and Listing Of Graduates


  1. Students must make application to graduate by 1 March, for May graduation and 1 September for October graduation. Such application is done either by submitting an electronic "Application to Graduate" form available from the UNB Hompage ( or by completing an "Application to Graduate" card available from the Registrar's Office.
  2. Courses that are attached to a distinct session that ends after the January - April session are not counted in the assessment for May graduation eligibility.

B. Candidates for all undergraduate degrees, except candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Juris Doctor, shall be listed in the graduation program alphabetically by First Division, and General Standing, based on the cumulative grade point average of all UNB courses (including certain approved St. Thomas courses) attempted in the program. Candidates with Honours and Distinction standing will be listed separately.

Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Juris of Doctor are listed alphabetically without divisions. 

C. Divisional standing will be recorded in the student's transcript based on the cumulative grade point average as follows:
First Division: 3.5 or better
Second Division: 2.5 or better but less than 3.5 
Third Division:  Less than 2.5

D.  A student who has received a bachelor's degree from UNB may return and complete the requirements of the honours program in the same field as in the original degree or the requirements in another major or honours field in the same degree. Such a student will not receive the degree again but a record of the completion of the second requirements will be carried on the student's transcript. A second same degree is permitted in limited cases. Refer to Section P, Requirements for a Second Undergraduate Bachelor Degree in the Admissions section of this Calendar.

E. Students are not permitted to graduate at a ceremony during spring Encaenia other than the one for which they are scheduled, except in special circumstances at the discretion of the Registrar.