PSYC3073The Psychology of High Performance3 ch (3C)
This course serves as an introduction to the field of performance psychology. The course provides an overview of the theoretical and empirical roots of contemporary performance psychology. Throughout the course, students will discuss how research informs practice and where relevant, the possible difficulties in applying research findings in real-world settings. Emphasis is placed on how psychology is being applied to enhance the performance of a wide range of groups including athletes, musicians, CEOs, and educators. The course exposes students to the various psychological factors that threaten elite performance and the interventions that have been developed to mitigate against these factors.


Prerequisites: Introductory Psychology (6 ch). Please note that no more than three of PSYC 3033, PSYC 3043, PSYC 3053, PSYC 3063, and PSYC 3073 may be counted toward a Major or Honours in Psychology.