Political Science

POLS4727Global Politics of Infectious Disease3 ch (3S) (W)

Explore the global political forces, relations, and actors that shape the drivers of and responses to infectious disease. Topics include global pandemics (e.g. COVID), regional epidemics (e.g. Ebola), and endemic disease (e.g. malaria). Other infectious diseases and issues considered may include HIV/AIDS, neglected tropical diseases, and antimicrobial resistance. Particular attention is given to health equity. Gain advanced understanding of: the political forces that produce uneven global infectious disease impacts by region, race, gender and sexuality; the health equity impacts of infectious disease responses grounded in health security, One Health, or right to health approaches; the extent to which global health governance mechanisms able to address the inequities that are both cause and consequence of infectious disease outbreaks. 

Recommended prior coursePOLS 2303POLS 2703, IDS 2103 or permission of course instructor.