Courses in Japanese Language are offered at the Introductory Level and occasionally at the Intermediate Level if resources are available.

NOTE: See the beginning of Section H for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

JPNS1013Introductory Japanese I3 ch (3C)

Focuses on the fundamental structure of Japanese and practicing of communication skills. Introduces Hiragan and Katakana, writing systems in Japanese, and practice of reading and writing. Some aspects of Japanese culture are discussed. Not open to native speakers.

JPNS1023Introductory Japanese II3 ch (3C)

Continuation of JPNS 1013. Focuses on communicative aspects as well as practice of reading and writing in Hiragana. Katakana and basic Kanji, the other writing system in Japanese, are introduced. Not open to native speakers. 

JPNS2013Intermediate Japanese I3 ch (3C)

Develops the communicative skills necessary for a wide range of everyday situations. Focuses on both conversation and writing systems, developing vocabulary and sentence structures. One hundred Kanji characters are introduced and practiced.

Prerequisites: JPNS 1013 and JPNS 1023

JPNS2023Intermediate Japanese II3 ch (3C)

Continuation of JPNS 2013. The textbook "Genki I" is completed with this course, and students reach the level of Level IV Japanese Proficiency Test. 

Prerequisite: JPNS 2013.