Family Violence Issues

NOTE: See the beginning of Section H for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

FVI2001Introduction to Family Violence Issues (Cross-Listed: SOCI 2001)3 ch

Introduction to current theories, research and practice in family violence issues. Topics will include: themes of violence; dynamics of violence; gender relations; attitudes, myths, and realities surrounding family violence; public versus private nature of family violence. Research from various perspectives will be evaluated. Normally offered online.

FVI2002Antecedents and Patterns of Family Violence Issues3 ch

Provides a historical and current overview of the societal catalysts/contributors to, and the patterns of, family violence. Explores why members of marginalized groups (e.g., the poor, women, children, immigrants, First Nations persons, gays, lesbians, disabled and the elderly) are often at especially high risk of being victimized by violence in intimate relationships. 

Prerequisite: Admission to Certificate Program or permission of the instructor.

FVI2003Interpersonal Cyberviolence (Cross-Listed: SOCI 2003)3 ch
Examine issues associated with cyberviolence, the crimes that fall under the umbrella of cyberviolence, and online intervention strategies. Consider relevant theories, existing research and student experiences of online communication. Normally offered online. NOTE: Students may obtain credit for only one of FVI 2003 or SOCI 2003.
FVI2009Human Trafficking (Cross-Listed: CRIM 2009, SOCI 2009)3 ch
Situate human trafficking as a crime stemming from gender-based violence and intersecting structural inequalities. Self-position, critically reflect on experiences, and identify stereotypes as well as victim-blaming in media representations and public discourses. Assess state and community responses to human trafficking. Normally offered online. NOTE: Students may obtain credit for only one of SOCI 2009, CRIM 2009, or FVI 2009.
FVI3006Intervention Strategies and Programs for People who Batter (Cross-Listed: SOCI 3006)3 ch (3C) (W)
This course will examine the major theories related to violence in intimate relationships and explore the different intervention strategies and programs which have evolved from these theories. Credits cannot be obtained for both FVI 3006 and SOCI 3006.
FVI3007Religion and Family Violence (Cross-Listed: SOCI 3007)3 ch (3C) (W)

This course examines issues pertaining to violence in religious families and the role of faith communities (and their leaders) in responding to violence in the family context. It will consider relevant data, theories, and strategies for change. Normally taught online. 

FVI3634Violence Against Women (Cross-Listed: SOCI 3634)3 ch

Examines issues pertaining to violence against women in Western society, including gender socialization, gender dynamics in dating and family relationships, private versus public, the contributions of social institutions (e.g., sports; the media; schools;the workplace; the military; the medical, legal, and criminal justice systems) and the special vulnerability of women in marginalized groups.

Prerequisite: 3 ch from any SOCI course.
FVI4002Multidisciplinary Approaches to Family Violence 3 ch

Presents strategies which will assist professionals in coordinating their efforts to help survivors through creation of 'whole person' community approaches. Topics include: helping agencies' diverse and overlapping mandates; referral processes; inter-agency communication; support and debriefing; team dynamics; community resources; interface with policy makers. This course is required for the FVI Certificate. 

Prerequisite: Six credit hours from FVI 2001, FVI 2002, FVI 2003 (or SOCI 1563); or permission of the instructor. 

FVI4005Individual Studies3 ch

An individualized study of a topic of interest to the student, in consultation with instructor/mentor and approval of the Director of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research.

Prerequisite: Six credit hours from FVI 2001, FVI 2002, FVI 2003 (or SOCI 1563); or permission of the instructor. 

FVI4338Family Law and Family Violence (Cross-listed: SOCI/CRIM 4338)3 ch
Examine the challenges faced by victims of family violence in family law processes, the protections in place for victims of family violence, and the options available for resolving legal disputes when family violence is present. Consider the unique needs of vulnerable groups and the importance of collaborative approaches to safety for survivors of family violence. Offered online only across all course codes.  Prerequisites: 3 ch in Family Violence Issues, Sociology, or Criminology. Note: Students may obtain credit for only one of FVI 4338, CRIM 4338 or SOCI 4338.
FVI4339Intersecting Violences: Global Perspective (Cross-listed: SOCI/CRIM 4339)3 ch
Explore how gender, power, and violence are linked. Discover root causes and social factors that contribute to gender-based violence. Analyse macro-level power constructs such as colonization, systemic racism, and misogyny alongside micro-level expressions of interpersonal violence. Learn about community-based efforts to end cycles of violence, and implement dynamic approaches to individual and community healing. Offered online only across all course codes.Prerequisites:  3 ch in Family Violence Issues, Sociology or Criminology.  NOTE:  Students may obtain credit for only one of FVI 4339, CRIM 4339 or SOCI 4339.