First Nations Bachelor of Teaching Education Program 

ED5800Teaching Literacy in the Early School Years12 ch

Addresses the theoretical underpinnings and implementation methods of the six strands of literacy: reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and representing with particular emphasis on issues encountered by First Nations learners.

ED5820Curriculum and Administration9 ch

Enhances professional practice by providing teachers with a research-based framework for evaluating teaching, reflecting on professional experience, and planning in collaboration with colleagues to improve curriculum and professional practice. Particular emphasis is placed on successful strategies that enhance learning in public schooling for First Nations learners.

ED5830Social Studies Education9 ch

Focuses on the development of professional knowledge and skills that teachers require in assisting their students to be effective learners in social studies education. Emphasis is placed on an evidence based approach to teaching and learning with participants being required to demonstrate a close knowledge of the related research and to demonstrate its application in their daily planning and practice. First Nations world-views are the basis from which all topics are explored.

ED5840Teaching Mathematics in the Early School Years12 ch

Focuses on a framework that develops content knowledge and mathematical connections underlying curricular topics. Projects and discussions draw upon the individual context within which teachers work, especially teachers of First Nations learners.

ED5860Science Education9 ch

Helps teachers develop effective science teaching skills and innovative ways to integrate science with other disciplines in the curriculum. First Nations world-views and connections with nature are integrated into the content.

ED4685Treaty Education 3 ch
This course will provide students with knowledge of the Indigenous understanding of the treaties signed between Indigenous peoples and British and Canadian governments between 18th and 20th centuries and the Peace and Friendship Treaties signed in the Maritimes in the 18th century specifically. It will also help students to think about how to convey the history of treaty-making and the computing understandings of the meanings of the treaties in the classroom in a way that is respectful of Indigenous understandings of the treaties and that promotes reconciliation.