Academic ESL

AESL2012Exploration of Literary English for Non-Anglophones3 ch (3C) (W)

More advanced than AESL 1011 and AESL 1012. Exclusively for students whose first language is not English. Encompasses examination of prose and extensive composition. Emphasis is given to consideration of sophisticated English expression. Each student’s level of proficiency is determined through testing, subsequent interviews and in-class assessment procedures. Students may enrol in both AESL 2011 and AESL 2012 as they are not sequential in nature.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of AESL 1011, AESL 1012 or equivalent proficiency. All students must take a placement test to determine specific language needs. NOTE: Students who already have credit for ENGL 2012 cannot obtain credit for AESL 2012.