Masters in Philosophy Courses

MPhil6100M.Phil in Policy Studies: Interdisciplinary Research Methods Seminar3 ch
Core seminar in M.Phil program. Introduction to quantitative, qualitative, and normative research methods in the context of policy analysis. Seminar emphasize of these methods in application to contemporary issues in local, provincial, regional, national and global contexts.
MPhil6200M.Phil in Policy Studies: Research Field Seminars and Research Workshop3 ch
Core course in M.Phil program. Workshop for collaborative development of thesis and internship proposals. Discussion of formation and management of plans. Emphasizes presentation of work in progress, development of capacity for team construction of plans of research carried out by individual researchers or teams of researchers.

MPhil6205Independent Study3 ch
Students may enhance their research programme by taking an Independent Study course designed and directed by a faculty member, HRA, or Adjunct who is a member of the School of Graduate Studies. The syllabus for the course must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies for approval and the student must have received permission from the Research Coordinator in his/her stream of MPHIL to take the course.
MPhil6996Master's Report3 ch
The MPHIL report will be based upon work done by the student during the approved internship under the supervision of a faculty member and internship supervisor. The student is permitted to carry out this work at her/his place of internship provided that overall supervision is always maintained by a faculty member. The Master’s report must conform in all respects to the regulations governing the presentation of reports approved by the School of Graduate Studies.
MPhil6997Master's Thesis3 ch
The MPHIL Master’s thesis must demonstrate the candidate’s competence to undertake independent research work, make a contribution to knowledge in the candidate’s field of study, show that the candidate is fully aware of the pertinent published material, and be written in a satisfactory literary style. The thesis must conform in all respects to the regulations governing the presentation of theses approved by the School of Graduate Studies.