Mobile Electronic Devices

Mobile electronic devices are everywhere!  They include smart phones, blackberry devices, tablets, laptop computers, USB memory sticks (aka flash or thumb drives), etc.  These devices provide numerous possibilities for convenience in our day to day work.  However, this includes the ability to conveniently carry a great deal of information and University records. 

Any records pertaining to the business and operations of UNB are University Records and should be treated as such even if you are conducting University business on your own personal device(s).  Maintain the same security and privacy protection practices you would as if you were sitting at your desktop.

Here are a few information and privacy protection guidelines for using mobile electronic devices.


  • Use the password and security features available on your device
  • Do not disable security features or authentication mechanisms
  • Configure auto-lock after 10-15 minutes of inactivity and require re-authentication to reactivate
  • Use (and keep current) an anti-virus software
  • Ensure operating systems and applications are up to date
  • Keep storage of sensitive data on mobile devices to a minimum
  • Use physical locks when available
  • Remove all data prior to disposing of devices

Be Aware

  • Be conscious of your surroundings when working on sensitive files
  • Use security conscious web-browsing techniques
  • Be mindful of free networks and wireless (Wi-Fi) connections
  • Never leave mobile devices unattended or in an insecure area
  • Use UNB secure services such as file drop for file sharing 
  • Do not share your devices with others

Worst Case Scenario

  • Report theft of loss of any mobile device immediately to campus security and your unit manager or department head so that appropriate measures can be take.

For more Information

    If you have questions regarding records management, privacy, or the use of mobile electronic devices at UNB, please contact the University Secretariat via e-mail  or phone (506)453-4710.