Distributing Grades & Assignments

UNB is committed to protecting the personal information and privacy of all students.  Following our own UNB Regulations and Policies and in compliance with RTIPPA this requires care and attention be given to how we return grades assignments to students. 

Some of the current practices we use (i.e. leaving graded assignments in a general area for pick-up) are expedient and may appear efficient, however, they can pose a great privacy risk. Sometimes what we gain in efficiency can be at a cost to privacy.  The challenge is to identify new 'privacy conscience' ways of distributing grades and assignments that are both quick and secure! 

The following practices are some of the more common recommended methods for distributing grades and assignments facilitating the protection of privacy.  We welcome your input on these or other practices you are using. 

Best Bets

  • Use secure teaching resources such as Desire2Learn
  • Return assignments/papers during office hours directly to students

Class Solutions

  • Write grades, comments and evaluations on the inside cover or pages where they are not immediately visible to others
  • Fold and staple assignments/papers with only the name of the student on the front
  • Use an assignments/papers re-sealable envelope for each student for the length of the course 
  • Stagger due dates for essays and papers so there is never need to redistribute a larger number
  • Redistribute in smaller settings such as tutorials or labs
  • Use answer keys (not to be returned) when possible and use Desire2Learn features for returning grades
  • For very large classes sort assignments/papers alphabetically, assign TAs to assist with in class pick-up by alphabetical range, students should show id
  • Label a set of manila envelopes with row numbers, and ask students to stay in a row for the length of the course, distribute by row

Posting Grades

  • Post grades with only one cryptic personal identifier, e.g. last four numbers in their student id number 
  • Do not post student grades along with individual student names and student numbers 
  • If you are posting for students to see where they stand in the class simply post grade ranges without any personal identifiers

For more information

If you have questions regarding the distribution of student grades and assignments and the protection of personal privacy at UNB, please contact the University Secretariat via e-mail rtippa@unb.ca  or phone (506)453-4710.