Email Management

All email messages and attachments concerning the business and operation of UNB are University Records making them subject to an  access request under RTIPPA. 

When considering email retention, think in terms of its content or its administrative purpose, not in terms of its format (i.e. email).  Consider how you would treat this record if it were a paper correspondence. Email messages and attachments should be treated the same way you would treat any paper or electronic record on the topic. 

For example, University regulations state : "Marked materials held by the instructor must be retained for twelve months after the end of term."  Therefore any emails relating to marked materials should also be retained for twelve months.

The following are a few guidelines to help facilitate the protection of personal privacy and to promote record management best practices.

Retention and Filing

  • Create and use email folders by subjects and/or contents for easy access and retrieval.
  • Maintain folder titles that mirror the titles you would use for other electronic files or paper records. 
  • File your personal email separately from UNB business and operations or use a non UNB issued email for your personal correspondence.

Composing and Sending Email

  • Create descriptive and meaningful subject lines.
  • Stay on topic within any given email.   Trying to cover too many issues in one email is not only hard to follow for the reader but makes filing and relocating emails difficult.
  • Maintain professional business language in your correspondence, keep in mind someone else may be required to read them.
  • Use only your UNB administered email for all UNB related communications.
  • Keep personal information and comments in business related emails to a minimum.


  • Keep personal information in buisiness emails to a minimum.   Remember emails may be inadvertently sent to unanticipated recipients.
  • Use the UNB Secure Server for sending large and private documents between UNB units.
  • Do no open emails or follow links from unrecognized sources.

      For more information

      If you have questions regarding management of email at UNB, please contact the University Secretariat via e-mail or phone (506)453-4710