Hello and welcome to the Records Management portion of our website!

The New Brunswick Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA) allows anyone to request access to records related to the public business of the University of New Brunswick or access records containing personal information about themselves.

Records Management, Access to Information and Privacy are all very important subjects regarding RTIPPA. This awareness website is meant to help either refresh your memory or get you up to speed matters of Records Management & Right to Access Information.

The following topics will be featured over the course of the next year.

  1. What is a Record?
  2. Records Management & Retention
  3. Access to Information
  4. RTIPPA 101
  5. Personal Information & Privacy
  6. Protection of Privacy
  7. Email Management
  8. Destruction of Records
  9. Storage
  10. Mobile Electronic Devices
  11. Governance of Records
  12. Wrap Up

Some of these topics may seem pretty straightforward but you may be surprised by how many common mistakes are made regarding the subject matter.

This website is meant to help educate and inform anyone at UNB who may deal with records and privacy (which is a lot of people). We want to make Records Management and the use of RTIPPA easier for everyone. So feel free to get started with the first topic: What is a Record?