Access to Information

There's a lot of information to be found at the University of New Brunswick and with proper records management this information will be kept accessible for use. Consistent with its commitment to accountability, the University actively disseminates information about its operations, activities, policies, practices and procedures regularly making these things public through, for example, websites and annual reports.

If there's something that's not readily accessible but seems like something that should be available, this information can be requested by the public with the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy. But what exactly can and cannot be accessed and how does one request this information?

What can be accessed?

There are two different types of information that can be accessed through RTIPPA at the University of New Brunswick. Records related to UNB's business and operations activities and records related to one's own personal information.

Obviously, there are things that are not accessible for privacy and security reasons but there are quite a few things regarding UNB's business that you have the right to request access to. Say for instance, you wanted to inquire about how many people are on the UNB senate or how many people are enrolled in a certain faculty; you could request this information through using RTIPPA.

You can also request your own personal information if you wanted to look at your records at UNB. Whether that's employment records or academic records; there are many things you can request regarding yourself. Or low and behold, you see that your name is spelled wrong on a UNB platform. What a travesty! Well, you can request that it be fixed through RTIPPA as well.

Examples of what can't be accessed

Personal information about another individual

Teaching and research materials related to an individual' s research work

Advice or proposals provided to the university in confidence

Information that would harm the university's competitive position or interfere with contractual negotiations

Requesting Information

The process for requesting information is actually quite simple. The online forms required to request the information can be found on the University Secretariat website, Requesting Information from UNB page. Both an Access to Information Request form and a Personal Information Access and Revision Request form are available depending on whether you are requesting information about the university or about yourself.

Responses to these requests may be provided to an applicant in less than 30 calendar days but cannot extend past the 30 days without notification of the need for an extension. When a request is made it goes through a variety of different stages while being processed.

RTIPPA Request Processing Timeline


For a more in depth look, check out the RTIPPA Request Processing Timeline.

Understanding the right to information and how to access it is important but there is also a variety of other things regarding RTIPPA that are quite relevant featured in the next topic, RTIPPA 101.