About the University Secretariat

The University Secretariat is accountable for the support of the governance of the University through the effective and efficient operation of the Board of Governors, Fredericton and Saint John Senates, their committees, other University bodies, and the University Management Committee of the senior administration. 

As the repository of official Board and Senate records, the University Secretariat is a principal source of information and advice about University policies, procedures, regulations, precedents, practices and past performance.  The University Secretariat also provides information and advice to the President, Board Chair, and Vice-Presidents in support of their mandates.

As Commissioner of Student Discipline, the University Secretary is responsible for the implementation and administration of non-academic student discipline, both under the Student Disciplinary Code and the Board of Deans.  As stipulated by the academic regulations of the University, the Secretary is responsible for coordinating Senate Review of academic decisions.

The University Secretariat has institutional responsibility for compliance with legislation on access to information and protection of personal information and is the home of the University's records management function and the Editor of the Undergraduate Calendar.