Storm closure notification procedures

At UNB, we strive to be open every day as scheduled. However, there are times when extreme weather conditions make it unsafe and impossible to access one or all of our locations (Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton).

In such situations, the impacted campus will not open as scheduled. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff, and we want to provide clear instructions for such circumstances.

Inclement weather (campus open)

Faculty, staff and students are expected to report for work/ class if a campus remains open during a winter storm. In such a case, delayed staff members must inform their immediate supervisor. Faculty must inform their dean, department chair/administrative assistant and students if weather interferes with scheduled classes and meetings.

Note: UNB does NOT follow the closure protocol of the public school districts or the community college system.

Inclement weather (campus closed)

Courses and instruction: If weather conditions or emergency interruptions lead to a campus closure, please note the following:

  • Unless outlined in your course syllabus, delivery of in-person courses and academic activities related to the affected campus (Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton) will be suspended. It will resume once the university reopens.
  • The virtual portion of the hybrid delivery will continue as scheduled.
  • All scheduled virtual delivery of courses will continue.

Employees: For our faculty and staff, here are the guidelines to follow during a university closure due to weather or any other emergency interruption:

  • If you are already scheduled to work remotely on that day, please continue as planned.
  • If you are working on campus but have a position approved for hybrid work, please continue your work remotely during the closure.
  • Faculty and staff members whose work is exclusively on campus, not categorized as essential, and unable to transition to remote work are not expected to travel to or remain on campus during a closure. These employees will not experience a reduction in pay.
  • If your role is considered essential, you will be asked to maintain your regular on-campus work schedule during the closure.

Residence and meal halls will remain open.

We understand that individual circumstances may impact your ability to complete a typical workday during such interruptions. This may include child-care considerations resulting from school closures, power or internet access disruptions, or other special considerations.

In such cases, we encourage you to consult with your department head or supervisor to ensure those involved or impacted know the circumstances and can provide appropriate support and accommodations.

Please note that a campus closure may apply separately to different Fredericton, Saint John or Moncton locations. Specific information regarding closures will be communicated through official university channels.