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Types of accommodations

Request an accommodated test

A request for academic accommodations form must be completed for each course in which a student requires academic accommodations. To receive your academic accommodation form, the student must book an appointment with the Student Accessibility Counsellor.

Request an e-text

Textbooks in alternative format - electronic versions, can be made available if required as a students academic accommodation. Students will need to purchase a hard copy of the textbook, and provide a receipt to the Student Accessibility Support Coordinator, Oland Hall G35.

The request for alternative formatting will be submitted to the publisher by the Student Accessibility Centre. Students will be contacted by the Student Accessibility Centre when the electronic textbook becomes available.

The process can take anywhere from three days to two weeks. If you have any questions regarding a electronic text request, contact the Student Accessibility Support Coordinator, Ken Craft at (506) 648-5690 or email kcraft@unb.ca.