Centre for Criminal Justice

The Centre for Criminal Justice Studies (CCJS) is a multidiscplinary research centre that falls under the responsibility of the Faculty of Arts at the University of New Brunswick on the Saint John Campus.

It was created by UNB Saint John Faculty members Dr. Paul Gendreau in collaboration with Dr. Chris Doran in 1995 with the support of the government of New Brunswick.

The CCJS is a multidisciplinary organization that:

  • Shares and creates knowledge relevant to criminal justice issues at the local, regional, national, and international level.
  • Develops community awareness about criminal justice topics
  • Educates and supports students and professionals on criminal justice-related topics
  • Partners with academic, community, and government agencies to advise and conduct research concerned with preventing, reducing, and managing criminal behaviour and understanding and informing policy and practices related to social justice issues.

The CCJS represents a wealth of expertise on diverse criminal justice issues. We have the capacity to approach these issues from a theoretical, policy, and/or applied perspective. This expertise is also offered from psychological, sociological, political, and historical perspectives.

CCJS vision

To engage in the theoretical, critical, and empirical analysis of criminal justice-related issues and to inform practice in related fields.

CCJS mission

It is our goal to pursue and facilitate the development of knowledge and theoretical understandings that inform practice, policy, and evaluation of mechanisms concerned with criminal justice-related issues at local, national, and international levels.