UNB Saint John's MBA Study Abroad program

At the University of New Brunswick Saint John, we encourage our MBA students to take advantage of the Study Abroad program.

An integral part of our International Business MBA, the Study Abroad program will expose you to another world culture and business environment, and provide you with invaluable, lifelong contacts. You will experience field-based learning with practical outcomes, glean insight into alternative business perspectives, and have a great time doing it.

Nima Heirat

“As business people, we need to have a strong understanding of other countries, cultures, and people. We can study those countries and cultures; however, there are things that cannot be experienced and learned through books and papers... you have to live them. Having the opportunity to see another country - learning about another culture and language, and meeting new people - is just half the experience. As an exchange student, you get the chance to challenge yourself in a new context, evaluate your skills and capabilities based on the subjects learned during previous courses, and have the opportunity to meet other exchange students who come from many different countries throughout the world. For me, this was one of the strongest aspects of the UNBSJ MBA program." 

Nima Heirat, MBA 2008, BSBU (Burgundy School of Business) Exchange Student

Trusted relationships in France, India and China make our MBA one of the richest experiences available in graduate business education. Our international partners include the Burgundy School of Business and Shanghai University ensuring you to get firsthand exposure to world trading blocks.

Students involved in our study abroad program will have guided classroom and field experiences, and plenty of time to explore on their own. Instruction in the classroom is in English and you will be paired with business leaders who can not only communicate with you, but who are also immersed and vastly knowledgeable about business in your chosen region.

Students in the International Business stream can elect to take European studies in France, or Asian studies in China, while the North American stream of study is taught at the UNB Saint John campus. The study abroad portion takes place during the final fall term, from September to December. As a result, the IB stream will be 15 months in length, rather than 12.

This unique opportunity is available at little additional cost to you. Fees for education abroad are covered through your UNB Saint John tuition. Living expenses are the only things you are required to cover, similar to taking courses on the UNB Saint John campus.

Sample Study Abroad program courses

Corporate Governance (France)

The aim is to understand what is meant by corporate governance. Two theoretical approaches will be used: disciplinary and cognitive. Different mechanisms will be studied. The relation between Governance and social responsibility will be another theme of this course.

  • Board of Directors (disciplinary role, cognitive role, national specifications, different types of committees)
  • Large shareholders (shareholders' rights, shareholders' meeting, family business firms, employees shareholders)
  • Managerial market (CEO's selection and replacement, CEO's compensation systems)
  • Takeover market (disciplinary role, cognitive role)
  • Governance and corporate social responsibility
  • Ethics and governance of microfinance institutions
  • CSR and suppliers choice Vigeo rating

Multinational Corporations Finance 2: Financial Strategy (France)

This course consists in an advanced understanding of financial decisions in an international context (pre-requisite: Finance 1 or equivalent). The following topics will be dealt with:

  • International financial context: international financial markets' integration (globalization & integration), financial innovation: derivative instruments and securization (CDO, CDS, etc), international financial crisis risks
  • International financial risk management: identifying main international risks (foreign exchange, interest rate, economic and political risk), hedging techniques
  • Financing international development strategy (capital financing on international markets, short term financing, counterparty risk management)

Understanding Chinese Culture for Global Managers (China)

Understanding Chinese Culture for Global Managers is a course aimed to master exchange students’ knowledge of its culture during their study in our GLMBA program.