Scene Sharp Technologies Inc.

Scene Sharp Technologies

Scene Sharp, a start-up software company, was founded in 2011 after a trio of academics from UNB captured the grand prize of $145,000 in venture capital investments and professional services at the Breakthru entrepreneurship competition presented by the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) in March 2011.

Scene Sharp targets the standards for image resolution and sensitivity, transforming and redefining colour imaging. Focused on the video surveillance market, Scene Sharp's software combination of camera lens and chip technology solves current challenges facing security cameras, including poor quality images and large data storage space.

The system, which can be fully automated, detects motion and identifies the 3D location, shape and size of a moving object, then transmits a high quality image, all while reducing data size by 50%.

UNB's Dr. Yun Zhang, professor and Canada Research Chair in Advanced Geomatics Image Processing, developed the preceding software, PanSharp, intended for use in the improvement of satellite imaging.

After successfully licensing his software to numerous companies around the globe, Dr. Zhang then transferred this technology to use within video surveillance systems. The result was unprecedented - an improved image quality by at least three times of what is currently offered in the market.