KnowCharge Inc.


KnowCharge Inc. uses conductive paper technology to create electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging. This packaging is used for any sort of electronic and hardware device, and is essential in protecting them from ESD during the shipping process.

In contrast to existing alternatives, KnowCharge's technology requires only one manufacturing process, which immediately instills the protective quality of this type of packaging, drastically reducing the cost of production.

The company’s innovative coloured packaging offers clients the first opportunity to brand their products through ESD packaging. In addition to being highly cost effective, KnowCharge’s paper technology is environmentally sustainable, proving to be reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

This technology aims to solve the $100 billion problem electronics manufacturers are faced with every year as a result of static discharge. Currently, KnowCharge is looking to expanding beyond ESD packaging and is moving toward potential anti-counterfeit and secure document applications of the technology.

Founded in 2009 by former UNB student Robert Morrow, KnowCharge was developed following a second place finish in the Breakthru Business Plan Competition, which resulted in follow-on investments of $300,000. The same year, UNB signed a licensing agreement with KnowCharge to market its own "Conductive Paper Technology."

As part of a research project called “the Development of Value-Added Fibre Material” led by Dr. Yonghao Ni, this partnership has proved to be a valuable component in research capacity in the development of four new interrelated technologies to decrease production costs and improve paper quality.